It’s that time of year again, when as Spring blossoms and nature is celebrating new birth, the sun is low in the sky showing up every grain of dust and imperfection that we are almost genetically predisposed to re-design, spring-clean, declutter and spruce up our homes. 

It’s often difficult to know where to start but I’ve decided my two goals for this Spring are:

A. A complete bedroom makeover; this will include new fitted sliding mirror wardrobes & fitted bedroom carpet for the first time ever. I will be retaining the timeless Vancouver solid reclaimed oak king size bed, bedside units and large chest but will be blending old with new to create a warm cozy boudoir with lots of reflected light and a range of luxurious textures. I will be sharing before and after shots on a future blog.

B. This spring I will also be prioritising puppy proofing my home and garden in readiness for the arrival of our new cockapoo puppy in mid May. 

In preparation for any new home projects its important to do the groundwork and get rid of anything we no longer need or love to make way for anything new we introduce into the home. Here I will share 6 top tips on how to declutter without it being a total bore!

  1. First team up with a like minded pal and choose 2 designated days where you can help each out, immediately halving the workload and making a sometimes tedious task into a social event. The other advantage of this is that you will definitely remain more focused and less likely to disappear down a wormhole.
  1. Purge before you organise. Don’t cut corners, form 3 piles: Charity, Sell or Give Away and Bin and depart with anything you haven’t used for the last year. Keep a photo of before and after shots to use to inspire you to stay on the clutter-free wagon.
  1. Don’t spend a fortune on fancy storage boxes but re-purpose everything you already have; picnic baskets, old show boxes and crates. If you fancy something new, check out our gorgeous range of Leigh-on-Sea boxes… 
  1. Follow these simple steps ...get rid of anything you don’t love or need, organise what remains into easy to maintain systems, style it so that anything on show looks like it’s supposed to be on show. Keep it simple, too complicated and you’ll find it impossible to maintain.
  1. When organising a wardrobe pull everything out and follow the 3 F rule, fit, flatter and function. Visibility is key to a great working wardrobe, you are more likely to wear clothes and use accessories you can easily see. If you can’t decide how to organise everything colour coding is an easy option. Make use of any dead space by throwing a shoe organiser over the door. This can be used for toys, socks or even cosmetics. If you’re looking for some new storage alogether, check out our gorgeous range of Vancouver bedroom furniture… 
  1. When organising kitchen cupboards, again pull everything out and decant as many foodstuffs as you can into jars, tins, pasta canisters and such like. Label everything clearly. Think outside the box and use boxes to create order within the space. Try our Leigh-on-Sea boxes, or perhaps these cute cake tins for storing sweet treats…

Good luck with your Spring overhaul!

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