It’s that time of year again, summer has finally arrived when our attention turns to all those projects within the home and we start to work though our lists of home and garden improvements. Some projects are more costly than others so here’s a heads up on what’s in and what’s not in Summer 2019 … 


Two trends have emerged in 2019, a return to quirky lighting; lights with a hand-crafted look or lamps made from recycled glass or other materials, the revamping of vintage lights and a big trend in pendant lighting.
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Pendant Lighting
The beauty of pendant lighting is that it creates a valuable light source and a dramatic ambience particularly when hung above a dining or coffee table or from a row of three lights hanging side by side over a worktop or Island. The pendant shines a light and creates a direct relationship with the furniture and accessories below. Whilst they don’t provide direct task light they do contribute to overall light levels and produce a gorgeous pool of light on any surface below.
  1. They give a room a focal point and beautifully punctuate an all-white colour scheme, drawing the eye down to the furniture below.
  2. Supersize your pendant light to anchor it to the space below and if fitted with a dimmer switch can be used to create different atmospheres at different times of the day.
  3. A row of pendant lights in a kitchen area above an island or a worktop can provide ample lighting for food prep, especially if complemented by natural light from windows and skylights. If above an island they should be hung 70-85 cm above the worktop.
  4. Mix and Match different styles of pendant lights within one large room to create defined spaces or hang them in clusters at different heights to create a focal point in your room.
  5. Pendants are now available in a range of different shapes and sizes. Apart from the traditional spheres there are some that are actually cloud like. Be mindful of hanging anything too fussy in a kitchen area as it will attract grease and be difficult to clean.
  6. Bedroom Pendants, a relatively new idea which is growing in popularity in 2019 is the use of pendant lights hung either side of the bed instead of traditional table lamps. They not only look very effective, but on a practical level give much more space on your bedside table or nightstand.
  7. 7. Different Materials… pendants are now available in lots of on trend materials, try hanging a concrete pendant over a concrete table to maximise impact.
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Go Natural
The trend of bringing the outside inside is continuing to grow throughout 2019 with houseplants, cactus and succulents remaining popular. For those without green fingers or who are away a lot, the same look can be achieved with the incredibly realistic faux plants that are available now… be mindful not to overcrowd the home with plants though as the jungle look of 2018 is on the way out.
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cowhides and sheepskins as seat covers, hung over sofas or as rugs is still a very popular trend. 
Continuing with the natural theme, we are seeing some beautiful wooden furniture with shelving and tables are being made from solid pieces of wood in their natural form, see our Live Edge Range. There is a general move towards fresh natural materials; stone, copper, granite and concrete. These can be incorporated into your room as statement pieces; a natural coral, piece of driftwood, crystal or a Glass Fish Bowl filled with shells as a quirky centrepiece on a coffee table for example. Those with bigger budgets or considering a new kitchen may want to check out the beautiful marble worktops that are available. 
For those with a smaller budget, a bunch of twigs or twisted willow in a large urn will create this natural look.
is still big news in interiors. This luxurious and comforting fabric is making an impact as cushions, floor cushions chairs and sofas. Choose bold colours or prints or an eclectic collection of many colours and prints piled together.
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Floral Patterns
have been refreshed and modernised with a wealth of new designs, particularly exaggerated proportions.
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Copper Accents
Rose gold was big last year but in 2019 we are seeing a lot more copper accents. With its red and orange tones copper gives and earthy hue and breathes warmth into a space.
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This Seasons Hot Colours

Although muted tones of sage green and dusky pink are subtle and help avoid spaces seem overwhelming. Many designers are moving towards bolder colours to give a real pop to a room. Velvet covered sofas in ochre, navy, dramatic reds, greens and pinks. If you are not feeling brave enough to go for a whole sofa in a bold colour the look can be achieved with a few well-placed velvet cushions in bold colours on a grey or neutral coloured sofa. 
now this is an investment and worth bearing in mind if you are considering a bathroom makeover. Stainless steel and chrome is finally being pushed out in favour of brass. There is a big resurgence of brass taps and bathroom fittings which create a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative. 
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Timeless and classic, we are seeing a return to black & white furnishings in soft natural fabrics. 
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Concrete Accents
New on the scene last year and gathering momentum we are seeing a lot more concrete coming into the home in the form of all coverings, counter tops, tables and light fittings.
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Vintage Designs
There is an emerging trend in incorporating vintage pieces into home décor schemes, particularly the growth in popularity of the bucket sink, farmhouse inspired pieces and light fittings.
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What’s Not Hot? 

Although home trends last many years, some longer than others and certainly longer than the seasonal trends we see on the catwalk, we often see that when something has been so popular the market quickly becomes saturated and its popularity declines quite rapidly.
Greys Having seen so many shades of grey in homes throughout the country in every format imaginable. Finally in 2019 we are going to see a rapid decline in the use of plain grey. An easy to complement neutral it will always have a place but after 10 years of being at the top of every designers colour palette it’s finally on its way out. Many reds do go out and come back in again a few years later. 
Farmhouse Chic is on the way out, with the emphasis now on one or two quirky vintage pieces. 
Renovation of big pieces is on the decline in 2019 due to the immense cost. It’s usually more cost-effective to buy a new sofa in an updated style rather than have an older one re-upholstered. People are still interested in renovating small pieces; bedside cabinets, coffee tables, lamps and other small items.
Word Art Wall plaques were so popular a few years ago. Quirky and interesting quotes on glass, metal and wooden backgrounds first appeared several years ago but are now filling the shelves of Home base and The Range, it’s time to take them down and replace them with old blown up family photos in black and white.
Macramé ArtAnother trend which grew rapidly in 2018 and began to grace the swankiest of homes. Very quickly everyone was producing macramé plant holders, dream catchers and wall hangings and the market is now fully saturated. It’s Time to take them down.
Minimalism … While we are all for clearing the clutter and appreciate the clarity it gives to the mind and soul, there is definitely a move away from total minimalism. It can make a home feel too sterile and uninviting. Colourful cushions, throws and accessories give the home a much more comfortable feel.
Accent Walls … Whether its wallpaper or a brightly coloured wall or a wall covered in framed photos, this is no longer going to be a thing in 2019. Designers are predicting that all walls will be one colour with a couple of well-chosen accessories or quirky lamps giving a focal point to a room.
Wooden Kitchens made a brief comeback over the last few years but have quickly waned in popularity. Painting the cabinets or having them professionally painted in soft blues, greens or greys will instantly update your whole kitchen.
And Finally A Few Garden Trends for 2019 … Having just returned from the Chelsea Flower these trends seemed to dominate the show.
  • Green, green and green … yes, this was certainly the dominate theme, the whole show was awash with greens; broad-leaved trees, pale green, yellow and white flowers and cow parsley, green was literally everywhere.
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  • Meadow Flowers and wild gardens, anything to encourage the bees, red buckeye, and mulch stemmed trees with red tubular flowers that attract insects.
  • Bold Trees … monkey puzzle trees at the show looked amazing but you would need a big garden to accommodate one of these beasts.
  • Hammered Copper has now moved outside and looks particularly effective as a water feature on a raised bed.
  • Flowers Peonies, Dahlias and Geraniums in bold colours were popping up throughout the show, particularly loved the Montessori Garden by Jody Ligard.
  • Rusted Panels and Log Walls as Partitions Pretty to look at and a great way of separating up space, but bear in mind a Log Wall will be like a giant bug hotel!!

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