There are some days we should never forget, and if you value your relationship with your Mother, Mother’s Day is definitely one date you should keep in your diary.

This year in the UK we will be celebrating this wonderful day on 31st March. In the UK we traditionally celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of lent as it started out as a religious festival where Christians would visit their mother church, servants would be given the day off to worship with their families in their home towns. On their way home they would often pick wild flowers, which they would place in the church or give to their mothers.

Over the years Mother’s Day has lost its religious connotations and is now celebrated as a family day, a special day for families to show appreciation for their mothers or maternal figures.

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, although in most countries it is in mid-May.

Although many will scoff at the idea as commercialism and just another way of monetizing a nice sentiment, I have spoken to countless mothers over the years who have been left bereft and saddened when their much loved and cherished offspring have failed to acknowledge the day. So please if you love and appreciate your mama, and even if you show your appreciation every day, make an effort to make  her feel extra special on March 31st …

1. A Handmade Card…is one of the loveliest things you could give your mum, you’ve taken time and effort and put thought into something that money cannot buy. Given with love and even if you want to give a small gift too, a handmade card will never disappoint and will be cherished for years. Dads, you need to get on board with this one. If you’re lucky your kids pre-school may have covered this, but if not, sit down with your kids; some coloured pens and card and let your creative juices flow, and don’t forget your own mama while you’re at it.

Mum and Child Balloon Bear £9.00

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2. Breakfast in Bed… Always a treat and being on a Sunday no excuses for not doing this if you still live with your mum or if you’re a dad overseeing young kids. Can be as simple as jam on toast , or even just a mess on a tray. It’s the thought that counts. Teens may want to attempt something a little more adventurous, maybe an eggs benedict or a full English with some freshly squeezed juice.

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3. A Bunch of Seasonal Fresh or forever flowers…will always be a welcome gift. For only a couple of pounds you can pick up a pretty bunch of seasonal daffs or tulips virtually anywhere. For those with allergies or for those who want something longer lasting, a bunch of our forever flowers which are highly realistic would make a lovely gift. Have a look at them here XXXX or call us on 01702 719253 and we will create a bespoke bouquet to fit your choice of blooms, colour scheme and budget and deliver it with a gift card on Mother’s Day.

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4. A Keepsake Box filled with some printed photographs or a few of her favourite things … we love these pretty little keepsake boxes. One of them comes complete with  a sentiment coaster, key-ring and wall plaque. There is still plenty of room inside to add a few of your mama’s favourite things, a couple of bath bombs, a favourite body lotion, a lipstick or some chocolates. Alternatively, go through all the photos on your hard-drive and print off a few pictures to create family memories. Since we went digital we don’t seem to have as many actual prints which makes them even more special. A special photo in a pretty frame also makes a perfect gift!

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5. Afternoon Tea… A special treat as Mothers always love and appreciate quality time spent with their children old or young. You can prepare this yourself in a multiple of ways. All you really need is a layered cake stand. If you’re a baker and have time some homemade scones served with cream and jam, a selection of mini cakes (the secret is to keep everything small so that everything can be tasted) and a selection of filled rolls or mini sandwiches. Classic fillings for afternoon tea’s are cucumber, smoked salmon and cream cheese, cheese and pickle, prawn cocktail, ham and mustard, roast beef and horseradish and egg mayonnaise … just choose two or three fillings and stick to things you know your mum enjoys. Invite her to yours or set the table at her house with some fresh flowers, put the kettle on or open a bottle of prosecco and enjoy!! Most hotels offer an afternoon tea too but make sure you book early as Mother’s Day is probably one of the busiest Sundays of the year.

6. A Scented Candle or Room Diffuser … This is a classic because it always delivers. Every woman likes their home smelling sweet. Even better if you can do some research to find out her favourite scents and whether she prefers a candle or a room diffuser. We stock a range  of gorgeous organic Scape Interiors branded candles and diffusers, beautifully boxed for as little as £10.00. Our best sellers are Black Pomegranate, Lime leaf & Ginger, Moroccan Rose and Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

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