1. We have been inundated with requests for the beautiful cotton velvet used in our cushions, throws, upholstered chairs and sofas and we are pleased to say that this will soon be available to purchase for your own upholstery or  crafting projects.

  2. Our custom made artisan velvet lampshades for lamps and ceilings are now made exclusively for us by a good friend and talented crafter, Clayre Hemmings. 
  3. Neon Lighting, Retro Radios and Juke Boxes. We teamed up with another family business who are the creators of the wonderful Neon Lamps which have become one of our best sellers. We have recently introduced their pimped up Bluetooth Table top Jukebox which has been a hit with our customers, along with a selection of retro 60’s style radios in classic colours. 

  4. Since the pandemic our world has become smaller. Travel restrictions and forced lockdowns have pushed us all to discover our local environments. Whether you are like us and live by the sea and have been able to enjoy coastal walks, admiring the changing landscape with the ebb and flow of the tide and discovered new pursuits like paddle boarding and cold water swimming, or if you have discovered new forests or country parks and notice how they change with the seasons. It has given us all a deeper appreciation for the beauty of nature. We are seeing that translated in how we are decorating our homes. There is certainly a growing trend in the use of natural materials which are organic to the touch; stone, driftwood and shells. People are wanting their special pieces to express their personality, signify a special place or evoke a happy memory. There is a growing trend in crafting. Increased time has given people space to indulge in old hobbies or try new ones. Our adult crafting kits, initially introduced just for Christmas have become very popular. 

    5. Colours… we are noticing finally a move away from plain grey after what feels like years. The love of nature is dictating colour trends too with Sage, Olive and bottle green all growing in popularity. Muted tones of terracotta, peach and baby blue are also growing in popularity. 

    6. Love of nature has also caused an explosion in the popularity of house plants. There is something truly uplifting in caring for living things within your home. If like me, you struggle to keep plants alive there is a great app ‘Planta’ which identifies your plants, advises on where they will best thrive, then provides daily notifications on their care. If you are away a lot or don’t have the time or inclination for plant care there are some incredible faux plants including paper plants on the market now and it’s very difficult to tell they are not real. 

    7. We are seeing another re-emergence of 70’s décor, highly textured fabrics and marbling.  

    8. With people continuing to work from home we are seeing the creation of multi-functional spaces, home offices, high speed wi-fi and a growth of tech within homes. 

    9. The quest to bring the outside in is continuing in new builds and extensions with lots of natural lighting and ventilation, a growth of garden rooms, outdoor kitchens, wood burners and pizza ovens. Attractive and comfortable outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting and decor. People are now decorating their gardens with outdoor mirrors, chimes, sculptures and mood lighting in a way they never did before. 

    10. Sustainability is not now a niche market. Looking at the sustainability of the products we buy is now an issue for everyone as it should be. We have long been championing the benefits of sustainability and it has always been one of our core values. Our furniture is crafted from reclaimed wood and a lot of the fabrics we use are recycled and repurposed. Every scrap of fabric is used, to make eye masks and cosmetic bags

    11. We are seeing an end to the ‘buy now, throw away culture’ as people are seeing the devastation it wreaks on our planet. People are developing more of a lasting personal style and mixing new investment pieces with antiques and family heirlooms to create their own distinct style.

    12."Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression." Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director, Pantone Colour Institute. Very Peri has been chosen as colour of the year. We have limited stock of these fabulous velvet foot stools in this colour we are offering for only £49.00 each, almost half price!

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