So you’ve designed your best Christmas Tree and decorated your home with twinkling lights but know you can't leave them there twinkling until March so when do you take them down?

I have friends who cannot wait to strip their home of anything Christmassy so can be found purging their home of anything Christmas and having a thorough spring clean on 27th December. But if like me you are desperate to cling onto the festive spirit and the precious memories made during the Christmas season you may leave it to the last possible moment then feel that the house looks very bare. So when should we pack away the twinkling lights and hanging baubles? According to tradition, it is the 12th night, which depending on which Christian calendar you follow is the 5th or 6th of January. The 12th night celebrates the arrival of the ‘Three Wise Men’, who followed the star of Bethlehem to bring their gifts to the baby Jesus.

  1. Time to Clean & Pack Away … Choose a day or evening when you have a bit of time. Invest in a couple of big plastic boxes with lids. Firstly take the baubles off the tree, wrapping the fragile ones in tissue, old wrapping paper or old newspaper and putting in a shoebox before putting into the bigger box. Wind the fairy lights around a coat hanger to save you the job of untangling them next Christmas. Pack the faux tree away in its box after dismantling or, if you have a real tree drag it out to the front of your house, the bin men will collect on the first bin day after the 6th. In the UK that is! I was in Holland on New Year's Eve, and there, they drag their trees out into the street and set fire to them! Once all the decorations have been stored away, it’s a good idea to have a good clean before starting to think about little tweaks you can make to brighten up your home whilst you wait for Spring to arrive.
  2. Alternatively, add a quirky table lamp to add light and interest to a dark corner. New Lamps for Old …Quite often we have to rearrange furniture, photos, lamps and ornaments to make way for our Christmas Tree and decorations. So after we’ve taken them down may be a good time to reassess the items we want in our space. Where the Christmas Tree was lit up and sparkling may now look like a dark corner. This might be a good time to invest in a new table lamp or some down lighting. Check out these quirky led filament hanging bulbs in a variety of colours and words. They would look stunning hanging in a cluster from a corner. Pink LED Flammed Bulb Signage.
    LED BULB SIGNAGE gold giraffe with orange velvet shade

    Alternatively, add a quirky table lamp to add light and interest to a dark corner.
  3. Add a Herb or Feather Wreath …Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Take away the holly and the ivy, and there are plenty of attractive foliage options that’ll suit January and beyond. Herbs are particularly lovely as they’ll give a delicious aroma to the room too, So think about rosemary, mint, thyme and bay leaves, and mix up your favourite scents. Alternatively, a pretty feather wreath, either hung from a hook on the wall – or hung on the front door to welcome guests to your home. 
  4. Year-Round Garlands … There are plenty of different themes to use for garlands around the house now you’ve put your Santa hat and stocking designs away. Take inspiration from travel by making your own map-themed garlands, or go for bright floral colours to keep your spirits up for the rest of the winter.

  5. Embrace Fairy Lights … Twinkling lights are one of the best things about Christmas decorations, adding a touch of the magic to any room and keeping the lighting low and flattering. But while it might be time to put away your multicoloured lights, warm white is perfect all year round. Look for cute shaped options, like roses, or quirky bulbs in fun motifs – pineapples and flamingos are everywhere this season. Drape over mirrors, pictures and along window sills. Or put a couple of reels of fairy lights into a glass vase and enjoy the light it throws.
    fairy lights

  6. Embracing Nature … Nature is always a mood lightener, and taking your real Christmas tree out is a sad moment. So keep the natural theme going indoors by letting decorative trees take centre stage all year round. Head to your local garden centre and look for some small indoor trees (you can even decorate them with fairy lights if you fancy). Or choose a Faux Plant or Cactus. They are so incredibly realistic and you won’t have to worry about dying on you. Once you throw out the festive flowers, replace with a vase of three Hydrangeas in a vase. 
    artificial Cactus In Cement Pot

  7. Transforming Your Centrepiece … Your berry and fir centrepiece might have been packed away on twelfth night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beautiful table. Think fresh or Faux flowers, white berries and a light, natural feel to give you a sense of optimism and brightness for the year ahead.
    gray dining table

  8. Candles … Candles will give your home a warm ambience and a beautiful aroma all year round. Choose from a vast selection of fragrances from the Scape Interiors Organic range.
    scape interiors scented candles

    Or treat yourself to a beautiful aromatherapy candle from our NEOM Organics range and give yourself a much needed ‘pick-me-up’ as you head into the new year.
    NEOM Organics London

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