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Scape Interiors Morrocan Rose Scented Candle | 3 Wick

Scape Interiors Morrocan Rose Scented Candle | 3 Wick

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We are excited to launch the large Natural Organic Three Wick Candle in our four top selling  naturally scented candles. They the whole range of Scape Interiors range of scented candles and diffusers they are ethically sourced and all manufactured and hand poured in England. Our glass and packaging are both recycled by Heaven Scent. They were the first to create a natural alternative to a paraffin wax candle over 24 years ago when they created a unique blend of plant wax that burns cleanly and effectively. They then infused the candles with fine fragrances and essential oils. We are launching the range with the seven most popular fragrances of the season in both the 30 cl candle in a glass and the Reed Diffusers. Both are beautifully boxed in our own Scape Interiors brand. We are also introducing three of our favourite body butters and lip balms, all totally natural and organic. Complement our natural candles. 

• British Manufacturer of natural scented candles

• Cotton wicks and organic materials in our candles

• Recycled glass and recycled packaging • Natural ingredients in our product ranges

• Body products are Paraben and SLS free

• Soy Bean Base in our Reed Diffusers

• Finest quality oils

• Burns cleanly and throws the scent effectively.

• Long Burn Time - 100 hours for a 60 cl candle

Our range is aimed towards sensitive people who prefer strong but natural smells. Aware of the alternatives on the market that can give an immediate headache just by smelling them, these candles offer a strong scent that is gentle on the nose Our fragrances have an excellent hot throw, which means the fragrance continues to smell when the candle is burning. The perfect way to gently fragrance a room. Floral notes and woody base tones become the memories of the bloom on a tea rose.