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Maya Rattan Grey Wash Twin Basket Bench

Maya Rattan Grey Wash Twin Basket Bench

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Washed Rattan Twin Basket Bench is a fantastic and stylish storage solution. Combining style and practicality and skilfully produced in an ethical manner, this practical rattan basket bench is a great little piece of furniture.


A versatile piece suitable for numerous settings from hallway to lounge, bedroom to bathroom. This particular piece combines our beautiful and ethical rattan combined with a gorgeous reclaimed timber frame.

Includes the loose Stone coloured seat as shown in the image. Our rattan collection is made entirely by hand using organic materials. The production process for these ethical products is certainly an interesting and unique one.

To ensure the raw fibre rattan is supple enough for weaving, individual reed lengths are submerged for days at a time in rain water contained in clay hollows to which various organic soils and vegetation are added as a natural dye.

This colouring method not only provides an earthen quality to the furniture but also ensures that the production process remains entirely eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals or pollutants. Each piece is then handcrafted using traditional methods by experienced artisans skilled in the art of weaving.

This unique process of production combined with the hand weave makes each of our Grey Washed Rattan pieces entirely unique with no two pieces ever created quite the same.

Material: natural rattan