Artificial Peony Clumber Red
Artificial Peony Clumber Red

Artificial Peony Clumber Red

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Our popular and stunning Peony's are in full bloom for summer, with an abundance of petals in a pretty red shade. Mix and match with our other artificial flowers and reap all the benefits fresh flowers bring to your home without the hard work!  These gorgeous flowers are perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, living room or as a present, creating maximum impact with minimal effort.  Use our flower stems to create show-stopping arrangements that you change with the season or simply on whim and which will last a lifetime. Our artificial flowers are so wonderfully authentic; you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart from the real thing. Most of the flowers feature long stems that can be easily bent or cut to your chosen length to fit in one of our beautiful vases or jugs and you have an arrangement that will last you from season to season..
These highly realistic flowers will last forever and are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and they are available individually and we are happy to make floral displays in either one of our vases or one of their own.
Dimensions: Height 60 cm